ADDRESS: 14728 Copenhagen Drive, Truckee CA  96161

Occupancy Dates - ____________________*


Landlord/Owner- Stephen Collins                 MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY - 14

Address _____________________________                            PETS – Not Allowed

City, State, Zip ______________________                                GRILLING ON DECKS –Allowed on front deck only

Phone/Fax: __________________________             NO WOOD CUTTING PERMITTED ON PROPERTY



NAME:       _____________________________                       RENT:                                                   ___________

ADDRESS:     _____________________________                   CLEANING and SECURITY DEPOSIT: $400 ($200 Refundable)

                   _____________________________                                         TOTAL DUE:                                       ___________

PHONE:        _____________________________     RESERVATION DEP.:                                       ___________

                                                                                BALANCE:**                                       ___________                                                    


*              CHECK-IN    Time/Day __________/__________   CHECK-OUT Time/Day __________/__________

**           Balance is due in full 2 weeks prior to check-in.  Payments shall be in cash, check, cashiers or travelers checks.

Ø  In the event of a cancellation it is necessary to notify Stephen Collins as soon as possible.  

Ø  Cancellations made within 48 hours of the check in time will result in forfeiture of the deposit and the equivalent of one day’s rental fees. 

  This agreement shall not be assigned or the premises sublet without written consent of Stephen Collins.


I (we) hereby agree to vacate rented premises no later than the hour and date shown above and to return the keys immediately by mail to the owner.

Before vacating, I (we) will clean the premises thoroughly, which includes the following:

1.        Clean refrigerator. Leave no food or drink in it.

2.        Empty all garbage into outside cans and securely lock the metal garbage container.

3.        Clean stove, range & grill, counter tops, sinks and appliances. Wipe all surfaces so that they are free of grease and food.

4.        Strip beds and leave bedding downstairs.

5.        Do not re-arrange furniture.  Owner will retain $25 from deposit for moving furniture back.

The cabin must be left Clean and Undamaged in order to receive the $250 refund of deposit.

Landlord/owner shall have the right to ask tenants to leave the premises immediately with no refund of monies paid if tenants violate this rental agreement or are found to be abusing the property in any way.

I (we) agree maintain the property in the same condition in which it was found. Reasonable wear and tear accepted.   I (we) agree to replace or pay for losses, breakage or damage should such occur.  Landlord to furnish all towels, linens, blankets, etc., and cleaning supplies.

I (we) agree that at no time will any person be allowed to smoke inside the rental property.

I (we) have read and agree to all terms contained in the: Internet Acceptable Use and Service Agreement for 14728 Copenhagen Drive, Truckee CA.

Please sign both copies and return one with your deposit check to the owner. Dates of rentals are guaranteed (exception: Act of God, e.g. fire, mandatory evacuation due to forest fires) when deposit has been received.

Please make all checks payable to Landlord: Stephen Collins.

Notes:  Air conditioning and appliances are not guaranteed.  Repairs will be made as soon as possible after tenant notification of needed repairs.  Refunds are made solely due to Acts of God. (see previous paragraph)

Landlord shall not be responsible for damage or loss of tenants’ personal property.                                        


Tenant                                                   Date



Landlord/Owner                                  Date